RPM-VS-Sprint Image

RPM is an indoor cycling program influenced by the sport of cycling. Its an outdoor experience brought indoors. We ride in a pack, a peloton, on flats, up hills and up Mountains. We visualise the climb, the attack and we feel the speed as the white lines on the road disappear under our front wheels. The instructor rides with the group and guides them through the terrain and in and out of the intensities that come built in to this awesome Les Mills program. We start together and we finish the same way.

RPM is a journey. Its about the Music, the Feel and the Workout. The word “workout” is important here. In RPM we push play and go! No need to stop. No need to interrupt the ride. The workout appears. It arrives. It shows up at points throughout the class at slightly different moments for each person though generally within moments of the music that is the choreography. There are challenges to be had within the workout. Options given. Choices to be made but these are at the call of the rider and not at the demand of the instructor.

RPM is an experience that fills the body with ‘feel good’ endorphins, works up a great sweat and helps us hit a cardio peak, burning calories and improving fitness. 45 minutes of fun in a group of like minded people where the Music, Feel and Workout all come together….

SPRINT is HIIT. Simple. Clear. Uncomplicated. Hight Intensity Interval Training using an indoor cycle as a tool. As a piece of fitness equipment. SPRINT is Training. It is athletic training that a Coach lays out for us in the form of a Workout Plan. They then clearly give us the simple detail and focus of each Sprint Track. We train Speed, Power and Strength. We use Light to Moderate to Heavy Load or Weight and we are either seated or standing. Every pedal stroke is a repetition and every rep matters.

SPRINT is about aiming high. Really high. 85% or more of our Max Heart Rate is the goal. Every effort. It requires a mindset and a strong commitment to everything we do in this 30 min HIIT class and that includes the Rest and Recovery. We go hard. We rest. We go hard again. We rest again and resting can mean stopping, not just slowing the legs.

SPRINT will challenge you physically and mentally. It will see quick fitness gains in strength, in V02 max increases, in burning calories not just during the class but for the next day after class.

It will energise you in a new way. Mental toughness and a new physical awareness of what you can do when in this environment.

SPRINT is training you chose to do and that makes the results you get so much sweater. 30 minutes of your personal best. Set yourself a new maximum every class.

Paragon Fitness run regular RPM and SPRINT classes, check the timetable for details.